Platelet Rich Plasma Skin Treatments in Brisbane

Platelet Rich Plasma is a new innovative way to rejuvenate your skin naturally, using the regenerative component from your own blood.

Cosmetic practitioners borrowed this clever idea from musculoskeletal physicians.  Sports physicians have been using platelet rich plasma for a long time to accelerate the healing process in athletes with prolonged sports injuries with good results.  Because we are using your own blood, there are no concerns about reactions or rejections.  Results are achieved because of the growth factors contained in platelets as well as stem cells present in the plasma.  It is useful to improve the skin tone and texture of thin skin such as around the eyes and decolletage.  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has also been used prior to skin graft to improve the uptake of skin graft, including hair transplatation.

PRP does not replace other collagen stimulants, and it is not recommended to be used alone as facial volumiser, rather we use it to complement Dermal Fillers and Lasers to improve the overall skin texture.  PRP can be added to a program of Laser or skin needline for acne scarring.

Generally about 4-5 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart is recommended, depending on the desired results.

Regen PRP

Price Guide

1 Regen tube = 10 mls blood (sufficient to treat Crow’s feet around eyes OR top of scalp to stimulate hair follicles) $300

2 Regen tubes (sufficient for the treatment of neck and decolletage region) $550 (20 mls blood)

3  Regen tubes (sufficient to treat eyes, face & decolletage) $750 (30 mls blood)

4  Regen tubes (Face and neck) $900 (40 mls blood)

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