Brisbane Treatment for Excessive Sweating

We can use injections to treat excessive sweating (not permanent method) or we can use a more permanent gradual Laser Sweat Glands Reduction treatment protocol.

The injection method is a very simple procedure which involves a few injections very superficially in the skin, delivering the treatment to the sweat glands.  The most commonly requested areas are:  armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis); palms and feet.

The procedure is safe, easy to perform, well tolerated and will achieve the purpose of reducing or abolishing sweat production for up to 5 to 6 months.

Topical anaesthesic cream is used to numb the areas prior to injections.

Price guide:  From $750 for injections.

Permanent Laser Sweat Gland Reduction:  From $600 per treatment.  Generally about 3-4 treatments are required.

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