Cosmetic Procedures in Brisbane

These photos have not been altered to mislead people. These images are carefully selected so that they will not identify any individual patients.

The outcome of any cosmetic procedure(s) can vary depending on individual patient factors as well as choice of breast implants used. More photos using different types of breast implants can be viewed in our Clinic in Brisbane. Our staff will be happy to discuss with you the choices of various breast implants available.

Photos Case 1 – 300cc Extra High Round

Photos Case 2 – 360cc Round Extra High

Photos Case 3 – Round Extra High Implants

Photos Case 4 – Natural (Tear Drop) Implants

Photos Case 5 – Extra High Round Implants

Photos Case 6 – Lower Face & Neck Lift before & after

Photos Case Series  – Upper Eyelid Surgery (Before & After)

Photos Case 7 – Liposuction Before and After

Photos Case 8 – Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty)

Photos Case Series – Upper Eyelid Surgery Before & After (2)

Photos – Cosmetic Mole Removal

Photos – Before and After Extra High 425 cc and 565 cc Round Breast Implants 

Photos – Ear lobe Repairs 

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